Black and White Frequency Marketing

Black and White Frequency Marketing

Printing Services Online can help you increase the impact and efficiency of your frequency marketing program. Our powerful black and white digital printing handle a wide variety of uncoated stocks of up to 14 x 17 inches at 600 x 400 dpi for sharp, clean images. We produce up to 600,000 images per day, electronically.

For especially deep, rich blacks, we print on a state-of-the-art Offset Press. Our offset press accepts both coated and uncoated stocks of up to 14 x 20 inches.

Printting Offset Press - black and white frequency marketing

Black ink printing is a particularly economical approach to frequency marketing. When combined with colored paper stocks and professional quality graphics, black ink printing can produce powerful images and memorable messages.

As an added benefit, electronic printing makes it possible for you to customize your message for individual recipients or distinct audiences. For details, see Variable Data Printing.

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When combined with Printing Services Online many other in-house capabilities, our black and white frequency marketing experience can help you create exciting new marketing opportunities. Want proof? Read about our Mailing and Distribution and Response Processing capabilities.

If you’re interested in the possibility of adding color to your direct mail pieces, look into Frequency Marketing with Color.

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