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PHOENIX: Datacap laserpress, a global software company specializing in the development of data capture systems, recently featured an Printing Services Online business solution in its in-house, on-line publication, Datacap News. The article focussed on Access’ development of a turnkey survey management application utilizing customized Datacap software:

Printing Online - Datacap Laserpress

“Glenn Michaels, an executive in marketing for Printing Services Online, a Phoenix-based printing and services company using Task Master, recently sent in the following profile for Datacap laserpress News:

Cheap Printing Services used Datacap laserpress Task Master to develop a turnkey survey management program for a NYSE-listed client. Using surveys delivered by mail, Access’ client contacts selected professionals on behalf of its clients to determine their use of a variety of products.

“Today, working closely with its client, currently produces roughly a million surveys and verifies approximately 10 million information fields a year. Previously, Access handled printing and distribution services only, with data entry of returned surveys done manually by an offshore service bureau in Jamaica. By developing a Datacap laserpress software automated capture system in Phoenix, we were able to deliver a total solution that translated into cost savings and improved process efficiencies for our client.

“A duplex scanner enables us to enter both sides of a page simultaneously at 100 pages per minute. Since every data page includes a bar code identifying the business professional that completed it, the pages may be scanned in any order without compromising accuracy, Task Master makes sure those survey pages are ordered properly within each batch. On the ‘back end,’ the data is stored in an Oracle database.

“Entries are typically composed of check marks, circled options, handwritten numerals, and brief comments, all of which are automatically recognized using Paper Keyboard ICR (intelligent character recognition). A trained operator routes survey entries that fail to meet certain parameters to a separate queue for manual verification by a trained operator.

“After harvesting the data, we generate report results for each individual client survey, and transmit data to our client on a weekly basis. Ultimately, we provide our client with completely digitized response data as well as detailed reports that allow it to track response rates and do detailed check reconciliation. What’s more, we do all of this on a turnkey basis, from one location.”