Distribution Solutions

Distribution Solution

For most firms, obtaining high quality, cost-effective document production is just half the story. Getting those documents to their destination on time is equally important. Because Printing Services Online takes your business process and procurement requirements seriously, we’ve created the following distribution solutions:


DocuShip, our on-line, turnkey distribution system, enables us to deliver your documents, worldwide, at a pace and cost-structure matched to your business requirements. DocuShip enables us to respond to on-line orders from inventory within 24 hours and usually less.


We warehouse materials produced in-house as well as other components required to complete your packaging requirements. Examples include CD jewel cases, dongels, tabs, binders, etc. Components may be held either as our inventory or yours, depending on your procurement requirements.


We provide complete, in-house worldwide printing and distribution solutions. We provide both print-to-ship (“on demand”) and print-to-inventory options. Our print-to-ship capability delivers any quantity of your documents whenever and wherever you want them. Our print-to-inventory option ensures same day shipment of your orders.


Print Online has extensive experience meeting clients’ mail generation and handling requirements in conjunction with United States Postal Service (USPS) regulations. We’re both USPS Coding Accuracy Systems Service (CASS) and Presort Accuracy, Validation, and Evaluation (PAVE) certified. For one of our clients, we currently prepare and send just under a million trayed and bar coded envelopes a year to the post office. We are also prepared to implement the USPS Address Change Service program (ACS) for our clients.

When combined with Print-Services.com many other capabilities, our distribution services can help create exciting new opportunities for your marketing, communication, and documentation departments. Want proof? Read our Case Studies, review our Client Comments, or Contact Us.

We amplify your business efficiency.