Fulfillment Printing

Fulfillment Printing

Printing Services Online not only prints marketing and sales collateral, we provide complete fulfillment printing services as well.

Example: You’ve implemented a marketing campaign that is driving requests for printed information (brochures, information kits, etc.). You’re handling this in-house, but the process absorbs too many resources. What’s more, these are hot prospects and you want that information out as quickly as possible. Turning around these requests in-house could take ten days. You want that information in the mail within two days so that your sales staff can follow up while the prospect is still focused on the opportunity.

Printing Services Online offers you a highly efficient, readily managed fulfillment digital printing process customized to meet your needs. We’ll print your documents, keep your document inventory current on-site, and accept orders by phone, fax, e-mail, or DocuShip®, our on-line, turnkey distribution system.

Fact: We ship documents around the world every day. For one of our clients with a significant international sales force, we might accept orders from, for example, London, England, on a Wednesday. The desired documents are delivered, in London, the following Friday! (Note that we’re located in Phoenix, Arizona.)

Looking For A Solution?

When combined with Print-Services.com Online many other in-house capabilities, our expertise in collateral printing with fulfillment printing can help you create exciting new marketing opportunities. Want proof? Review our Online Printing Company, read our Case Studies, or Contact Us.

We amplify our clients’ business efficiency.