Offset Printing

Offset printing is the technology traditionally associated with the printing industry. It relies upon a lithographic process to apply ink to paper. Today, offset lithographic print quality remains the standard against which other printing technologies are measured. What’s more, it’s also an extremely efficient means of producing high quality printed materials.

Printing Services Online’ in-house, offset lithography capabilities range from full coverage color with varnish to the simplest, most subtle options. State-of-the-art equipment enables us to achieve top-notch print quality in applications ranging from one- to six-color printing. A digital proofing system ensures that our final product matches your approved proof.

We produce a wide range of documents on coated and uncoated stocks for our clients:

  • Book and booklet covers
  • Direct mail
  • Documentation
  • Jewel case inserts
  • Labels
  • Marketing brochures
  • Newsletters
  • Postcard
  • Product/Service Releases
  • Reference manuals and user guides
  • Surveys
  • And many other print materials
Considering four-color digital printing? Our alternative, a combination of four-color offset printing eqipment with digital, black ink imprinting, can be both very attractive and very cost-effective.

When combined with Printing Services Online’ many other capabilities, our offset printing experience can help create exciting new opportunities for your marketing, communication, and documentation departments. Want proof? Read our Case Studies, review our Client Comments, or Contact Us.
We amplify your business efficiency.

Offset Printing