Online Document Printing Study

online document printing study

FactSet Research Systems online fulfillment research, Inc. offers access to proprietary business information databases. Its client base is international.

Online Document Printing Study

New clients worldwide require same day shipment of selected documentation from a list of over 30 part numbers. Since these documents represent the only physical deliverable, their quality and perceived value must be of the highest order.

Core Requirements:

  • Process daily orders efficiently, accurately
  • Maintain high product quality
  • Simplify the process
  • Minimize and control inventory expense
  • Maintain adequate inventory levels at all times
  • Communicate shipping status to field reps immediately


Printing Services Online proposed and implemented a program requiring no additional client involvement. Features:

  • A significantly streamlined data entry process
  • On-line, corporate pre-approval of field representative orders
  • Same day shipment of orders submitted by 4:00 p.m. ET
  • Complete on-line order status reporting
  • Automated customs processing and duty reduction
  • Automatic inventory review and client restock notification
  • Eliminated client inventory control, packaging involvement


FactSet now has a highly accurate and efficient document production, assembly, and distribution solution. Hassles associated with management of this mission-critical solution have been eliminated, as have the costs associated with in-house distribution. Customer satisfaction is very high.

For Additional Insights:
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