Post Press Finishing

There is more to printing than printing alone. Post press finishing includes multiple manufacturing processes that turn your printed matter into completed products. Among these processes are binding, trimming, collating, and folding.

Unlike many printing companies, Printing Company provides complete, in-house post-press finishing services. We control virtually every facet of the production and finishing process from start to finish. Consequently, you can rely on our ability to meet your requirements for visual impact, production efficiency, cost efficiency, and overall quality. Single source control enables us to meet the toughest delivery requirements.

There are many additional lesser postpress finishing processes such as varnishing, perforating, drilling, etc. Some types of greeting cards are dusted with gold bronze. Printed metal products are formed into containers of various sizes and shapes. Many metal toys are prepared in the same manner. Containers may also be coated on the inside to protect the eventual contents. Other substrates may be subjected to finishing processes that involve pasting, mounting, laminating, and collating. There are also a number of postpress operations unique to screen printing including die cutting, vacuum forming, and embossing.

Our finishing capabilities include:

    General Finishing:

  • Automated envelope insertion®
  • Collating®
  • Drilling
  • Folding
  • Laminating
  • Scoring and perforating
  • Shrink-wrapping
  • Trimming

  • Wire-O®
  • PlastiKoil®
  • Saddle stitching
  • Perfect binding
  • Thermal tape

Result: We deliver products that our clients are proud to share with to their clients, prospects, and staff.

When combined with many other capabilities, our post-press finishing services can help create exciting new opportunities for your marketing, communication, and documentation departments. Want proof? Read our Case Studies, review our Client Comments, or Contact Us.
We amplify your business efficiency.

Post Press Finishing Printing