Tracking Responses In Printing

Tracking Responses

In the direct marketing business, responses are everything. Every response represents valuable data and, possibly, a sale. Direct marketing responses are among your business’ most valuable assets.

Result: Handling and tracking responses efficiently becomes a vital business enterprise.

Printing Services Online has developed a sophisticated and highly accurate response processing department. Whether your responses arrive as postcards, surveys, e-mail, or faxes, we’re prepared.

We can:

  • advertising response tracking using any number of client-specified indices
  • Accumulate data with a state-of-the-art intelligent character recognition scanning capability and trained operators
  • Generate a wide range of short and long-term reports

Traking Responses in Printing

Furthermore, photo Printing Services has extensive experience in the design, production, and distribution of direct response instruments. We can help you create pieces that increase data yield per piece and enhance data processing and tracking efficiency.

Fact: For one of our clients, we process 10,000,000 information fields a year with an accuracy rate of 98.5% or better.

Looking For A Solution?

When combined with Printing Services Online’ many other in-house capabilities, our response processing capability can help you create exciting new business opportunities and tracking direct mail response. Want proof? Review our Services, read our Case Studies, or Contact Us.

We amplify our clients’ business efficiency.